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YM Methods III

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The YM Methods series of courses provides educational support for day traders of the E-mini Dow futures market who have purchased our Dow Mini trading book (3rd edition) or enrolled in a Dow Mini Training Room service.

YM Methods III focuses on four advanced and innovative trading methods that are based upon well-known price patterns. Three of the methods require identification of geometric patterns, i.e, those that adopt specific shapes from price activity. A fourth method is based upon a prominent candlestick pattern.

Employing charts not found in the book, a video explanation of each method is presented along with relevant notes. The course facilitates a better understanding of the methods described than what may be gathered from the book alone.


Single Course Price: $59.95
Available to everyone. Recommended as a meaningful supplement to our book.

Bundled Price: $139.95
This course may be purchased in a bundle along with YM Methods I and II.

Dow Mini Individual Mentoring Price: FREE
If you enroll in Dow Mini Individual Mentoring, you will receive free access to YM Methods III. As a courtesy, access will be extended to the end of the mentoring period.

Note: Discounts cannot be combined with other offers or applied to previous purchases.

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YM Methods III