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Trading for Dividends Spring 2024

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  • This course ended on 06/23/2024.


Spring 2024
May 6 – June 23, 2024

Dividend capture is a short-term trading strategy that enables you to obtain the dividends (free money) that companies offer shareholders without a long-term stock investment or large account balance. Our comprehensive course will help you understand the dividend-payment process, select dividend trades efficiently, make timely stock purchases, manage market positions in a risk-averse manner, and plan trades throughout the year.

Little technical analysis is needed for trading. Profits are obtained mostly by understanding the dividend delivery process and executing trades that are consistent with it. The biggest challenge is finding dividend trades that are not just profitable, but highly profitable. You will learn to do that here. On Brightstar Blog (Swing Trading area), you can view a chart illustration of a recent trade that was possible based upon upcoming course instruction.

In addition to informative written content, this course contains 9 videos with helpful guidance and 4 spreadsheet templates for collecting and managing trade information. One new lesson will be provided on Monday of each week during the 7-week course period. To reinforce learning, a quiz is included at the end of each lesson. Instructor support is available throughout the course via email.

BONUS! In addition to using stock screeners to find dividend trades, you will learn to search dividend data and locate profitable trades with ChatGPT based upon our criteria for dividend selection.


A basic understanding of stock market operations is recommended. Familiarity with terms such as stocks, dividends, and earnings will set the stage for a deeper dive into discovery of trades and ways to profit from them. While our course is designed for most adults, a comfortable grasp of simple math and modest background in trading will enable you to apply course concepts with greater ease and confidence.

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