Portfolio Management for Nonprofessionals

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Portfolio management is often viewed as a financial activity that only experts can do. Now, you can take control of your investments and obtain profitable results.

Our course is designed specifically for nonprofessional investors. It covers the basics of portfolio development and discusses several trading strategies that can be used to generate income. Portfolio management is a complex subject, but we have endeavored to make it as simple and meaningful as possible. Although various types of assets may be included in a portfolio, we focus on those that are known to most investors. These include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Instructor support is available throughout the course.


We assume that you are familiar with price charts and understand the difference between long and short positions. If you currently have investments, you are off to a good start. If you do not have investments right now, that’s okay. We welcome participants who desire to create a portfolio for future investment purposes.  

A moderate comfort level with numbers is also expected. Where statistical concepts are discussed, we provide sufficient explanation to make definitions and applicability clear.

For a free lesson, click on What is a Portfolio? in the list of lessons provided.

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